Server Info


This Server Is More Of A Aim & Build Server With High Loot And Action On The Server. Build And Defend Your Base From Raiders  Or Team Up & Wipe Out The Competition Or Go At It Alone In The Wild.

 ✔ 3x Gather Rates

 ✔ 3x Components and Scrap

 ✔ Clans

 ✔ Kits

 ✔ BGrade

 ✔ Long Days & Short Nights

 ✔ Player Z-levels

 ✔ Active Admins

Our server rules are as follows:

Our server rules are as follows:

-English only in chat – Unfortunately the other admins and I only speak English, and so can only moderate chat in English.

– No racism, of any kind, in any format. This includes Nazi signs, the N-word in any form, and xenophobic comments. We have a one warning system for racism. You will be warned once, and on the second occasion, you will be banned.

– No hate speech. This is more of an extension of the no-racism rule. We just want everyone to feel accepted, so no sexism, no homophobia, no xenophobia.

Fancy Drop
Kill Health
Drone Pilot
Kill Counter
Kill Rewards
Clans & Teams
outpost Portals
+ More Plugins

More Info Coming Soon.

In Game Chat Commands

/INFO  For Server Info

/BACKPACK  Opens Backpacks
/SKIN Skin An Item For Scrap
/KITS Opens Our Kit Items
/AUTH To Auth Your Self To Discord
/REMOVE Remove A Building  Wall Or Foundation